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Nature education for the land and soul


The Copper Bone: An Adult Wilderness Program

Fianna is offering a yearlong program for adults, structured over 8 Sunday gatherings, to cultivate your special relationship with Land and Soul in a small group. The Copper Bone offers mentorship in nature connection and wildcrafting within the  context of the human journey. 

We will come together to track the seasonal changes of the land and of ourselves, deepening our sensory awareness and our connection to nature. We will dive into the mythic origin stories of diverse traditions to guide us, learning of the ancient earth-based skills, and how these skills support your own sense of aliveness.

Dates and Content: 

Sept 29 (Late summer) Plants – food, fibre, medicine. Cordage/weaving.

Oct 20 (Early fall) Migration. Navigation. Natural shelters.  

Nov 17 (Late fall) Shadows and bones. Rawhide work

Dec 22 (Winter) Fire. Leatherwork.

Jan 12 (Winter) Animal Tracking. Traps. 

Mar 22 (Early Spring) Cedar bark weaving.

May 2/3 (Late spring) Medicinal/Edible Plants

June 21 (Summer) Bird Language 

More Information:

Our nature connection practices cultivate a deep awareness and bond with our ecological community, offering us constant discovery, great beauty, and the vitality of the wild earth. Practicing ancestral skills, we will bring materials from the land to the hearth of human community, transforming our harvest into crafted creations, at the same time embodying and integrating our deep relationship to the natural world. 

Each Sunday will be guided by a different season, a different myth, and by what the land presents to us. The 8 sessions will be spread over 10 months from September 2019 to June 2020, taking place at different wilderness locations within an hour’s drive from Nanaimo. 

As experienced mentors, Stephanie and Kester will create the container, tell stories, and facilitate old and new ways to explore and uncover your wildness, your ancestral goals, and your gifts. We will support your journey between the monthly sessions with one interim phone call per season as well as homework of questions, practices and readings to carry into your home and your habits.

Please bring your own food and equipment. Feel free to inquire for tips and suggestions. 

Carpooling may be arranged from Nanaimo.

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(Payments can be made in installments)


Sundays 10-5pm

8 sessions


Various locations on Vancouver Island

To register please email: stephanie@fianna.ca