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Nature education for the land and soul

Nature education for the land and soulNature education for the land and soul

Wildlife Tracking, Plant knowledge and Hand Skills

Fianna is offering 2 adult workshops for Winter/Spring 2020 to dive into earth-based skills and nature connection.

Session One: Wildlife Tracking and Leatherwork

In this course we will learn core skills in the art of animal tracking, and enter the mysterious journey of reading the stories written in the land. Learn how, for many place-based cultures, tracking forms a central cultural practice as well as a survival practice. We will follow the track and sign of local animals to learn about them, to come closer to them, and possibly get a glimpse into their everyday behaviour. 

For the latter part of our day, we will learn basic skills of leatherwork and some of the teachings behind this ancient craft. Through these teachings, we will each craft a small leather pouch to take home. 

Registration Details:

Date and Time: 10am to 3pm, Jan 26, 2020

Where: Spider Lake Provincial Park

Age: 16+

Cost: $52

To register email: stephanie@fianna.ca 


Session Two: Edible/Medicical Plants and Weaving

For our second session, we will wander the land, learning about the native plants that live in this ecosystem. We will investigate the characteristics and properties of these plants including which ones are edible and/or carry medicinal properties.

During the afternoon, we will turn our attention to the technology of plant fibres and how they have been used for millennia to weave our human culture into existence. We will work with one fibre in particular to weave ourselves a small basket to take home. 

Join us to experience how tuning into the landscape and working with your hands supports a sense of aliveness and connection to place.

**Receive a 10% discount if you register for both sessions

Registration Details:

Date and Time: 10am to 3pm, May 17, 2020

Where: Spider Lake Provincial Park

Age: 16+

Cost: $52

To register email: stephanie@fianna.ca 



This is a monthly gathering to share our ancestral stories and to look into the layers of understanding and teachings that they offer. Each month, I will send you a myth to read prior to our gathering and will also invite you to bring your own myths over the course of the series.

All heritages are welcome and encouraged - it is fascinating to see how a myth from Moldavia in central Europe contains similar elements to a myth from the Tzutujil Maya, in Guatemala. Or how stories from the British Isles share threads with the old Nart Sagas of the Caucasus Mountains.

We will share stories and then dive into discussion about our understanding of the myths and how they may be living in our lives or culture during these times.

Drop-ins are welcome. :-)

Please join us for a winter of story telling!


Time: Sundays from 2-5pm 

Dates: Nov 17, Jan 5, Feb 2, Mar 8 

Where: 399 King Rd, Gabriola Island 

Age: 18+

Cost: simply bring a myth and a snack to share